IRS Budget – And Your Payday

As Congress debates the size of the IRS Budget, Attorney Leahy reviews the IRS budget, electronic filing and Information Services Budget. Understand the numbers in order to understand the debate.

Crypto Tuesday – Regulation Coming

It’s Crypto Tuesday! Attorney Leahy reviews the latest news and events concerning all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. China cracking down, US regulators stepping up and Malaysian officials CRUSHING it.


Its CRYPTO TUESDAY everyone. Where Attorney Leahy goes through breaking news, analysis, & more, on most popular crpyto currencies, government regulations, & tax consequences, & how current investors will be impacted be these developments. Steven … Continue reading CRYPTO TUESDAY!

Audits Are Coming

The IRS Budget is under review by both parties – Some have recommended more than doubling the IRS Budget. Some have been more cautious given the history of politicization of the IRS. Attorney Leahy explains … Continue reading Audits Are Coming